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Alone Planet v1.0.4104 – teasers and puzzles in planetary Android 
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Alone Planet – only planet new and interesting game in the style of games, puzzles and intellectual Game Studios Wanda Cinemas Games for Android Dqyaqy ago with $ 0.99 in the supermarket giant Google released again as always decided for the first time Sports lovers can use your presence and it’s special to you once again for hours on the phone, we nailed! As you know we Farsrvyd only to introduce games that really worth the download have of ourselves only games Anthology introduce and the introduction of gaming-quality, repetitive, no creativity or gaming problem refuses to and so today we’re introducing a fascinating game Alone Planet that will attract you with a size of 38 MB’s for sure! In this game you have to help the boy loved the story leaked out to the planet! The story of a mysterious boy trapped in a planet and you have him in this world and live out the eerie and sad for him once again to make a donation! Discover the secrets hidden in the story and to remove the boy from the planet’s dark hours you!


Game Alone Planet still have no retail or by downloading it from Apkfine certainly will be the first global carrier to experience it! Interesting game controllers and joysticks allows you to move and steer the boy and the health of traps and obstacles in your path and steps and missions one after another leave behind! Overall if you are looking for an interesting puzzle game and low volume to fill your leisure time are undoubtedly Alone Planet is the best choice! General features of the game include such items as hides from Ng·hbaban wise, not hitting the traps and projectiles lethal use of objects to unlock stages and missions, engage your mind about traitors lurking and design good notes the! First images and trailer of gameplay, you can see and feel the full purchased version and download it with a click of Apkfine high-speed servers.

Changes in version v1.0.4104:

* First release on Google Play.


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