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Ankora, craft and blocks planet v1.3.5  + Mod – Ancora Android and  Adventure
Regular Edition + Mod Mode (Free Buy) individually
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Ankora, craft and blocks planet A new and entertaining adventure game from the Chibig Studios for Android tablets and tablets that has been released for free on Google Play and has been downloaded to over one million times by Android users around the world to this day. And you’ve got a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0 , and if you ask your loved ones, we’re going to introduce our latest version to you and rejoice! The overall story of the game is: Team 5, which is the name of a team of astronauts, is forced to land on an Ankoru planet in an accident during the incident, Ancora is a huge planet full of dangerous threats and monster! Mann is the name of a member of the astronaut team; he is a brave man who takes care of the heart and knows how to protect his life! The spacecraft 5 lost contact during the emergency landing, the parts were distributed on the planet and now we have to find all of them and re-establish the communication antenna so that it can send the signal! Life on Ankor is not easy! To survive on the planet, first of all, we need to look for water and food, and on the other hand, weather the planet’s climate, such as rain, cold weather and extreme warm weather, and endless nights! We will soon become familiar with and help them with the ones who are in fact the primary and primary inhabitants of the planet! They have been living in Ankara since the Ancient times and are kind people who have different occupations, such as agriculture, fishing , commerce, industry, hunting, research and science! We have many things to learn from; things like making things, making buildings, making jewelry, cooking food, and even making magic elixirs. Mean will do missions for those who are learning what they are learning and will come closer to them! In general, if you’re an enthusiast of Android’s survival , adventure, and management games that can keep you busy for hours, it’s undoubtedly the best option for choosing and experimenting with Ankora, craft and blocks planet!

In the game Ankora, craft and blocks planet you control us and you can do anything you like! Although he starts his journey empty, he learns how to make different tools and tools after familiarizing with the ANKs. A tool like a hammer to build a building, a excavator to dig or raise ground, a saw and an ax to cut trees and break rocks, a miner to plow the ground and a spear and an arc to defend yourself! One of the key things that we need to do to survive on the Ankoru planet is to build other objects apart from the tools and management of resources on the planet. Man can put a lot of items and stuff in his backpack. From various tools and materials to food and special objects. It is possible to combine them in different ways. Just put them on the table and combine them together. As he learns how to build different objects, his chances of survival in Ankara will be even greater! If you are an adventure enthusiast, we suggest you do not miss Ankora, craft and blocks planet now; it’s the latest and latest version of the game with the mods in your hands. You can add any item in the fashion version. Buy it for free and you can download it with one click from high speed servers.

V1.3.5  version changes:

* There are no changes to this version in Google Play.


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Ankora, craft and blocks planet 1.3.5  Apk 

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Ankora, craft and blocks planet 1.3.5 Mod Apk 

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