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Battle of Warships v1.64.2 + Mod – Action Games Battles Nawrosms for Android
Original Edition + Mod Mode (Unlimited Gold + Unlocked)
Your request for yours is Farsroidi

Battle of Warships Battle of Warships is a popular and entertaining arcade action and battle game genre from the Cube Software Gaming Studio for Android devices . Upon your request , we have decided to introduce our latest version at the same time as our release, and for the rest of the time Hail to you! By installing Battle of Warships on your Android devices, you will experience an amazing game of fantastic graphics and sea battle theme! Battle of Warships is specially designed for you if you are a lover of battleships and marines. Combat your wars with the most anti-war ship of the World War I and II ships and destroy your enemy’s ships! You are the captain and the commander of the cruise ship with artillery and torpedoes and aircraft carriers! To win the enemy, you must see what ships you use in your fleet and their strengths and weaknesses; you can also upgrade your fleet to use the enemy’s loopholes! It is possible to choose your own fleet of warships from more than 20 premier warships in the first and second world wars, so that you can choose them freely and take advantage of them in the battles! It is also possible to upgrade the warship and install a variety of weapons on them, which requires collecting money and points! The superb 3D graphics that are designed with the latest graphics technology in the field of mobile gaming, along with addictive gameplay and great touch controllers, will bring a different experience of martial arts games on your Android tablet or tablet. !

The Battle of Warships has been downloaded to over 10 million times by Android users around the world and earned a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 , and we are now introducing the latest version of Forex to your loved ones! You will first be able to see the images and the trailer of the Battle of Warships gameplay, and finally, if you would like to get it along with Mod and Megamod from the high-speed servers of the site and have fun for hours!

V1.64.2 version changes:

* Added new ship: IJN Yamato
* Added new ship: KMS Tirpitz
* Added new ship: USS New Jersey
* Added new ship: USS Midway carrier
* Other new features + Various optimizations and game fixes.

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