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Battlefield Combat: Genesis v5.1.4 + Mods – and gun action game Kombat Android mobile Btlfyld data 
The regular version + version + version Mgamvd mode with the features listed individually
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Battlefield Combat: Genesis popular and exciting game in the genre of action games, the gun and the shooter from the studio Codelabs Studio for Android has been released for free in the Google Play store and as always we decided to release it along with mode and data for the first time you introduce guns Sports lovers! The story is the kind of language we Producer states: “Twenty years after the Nova incident, people continue their new life on the planet and the human race on the planet continues, we are now in 2050 the company Genesis technology reached its peak in genetic engineering and nervous systems and has consolidated its bases on Mars; among these horrible creatures and Mars bases will attack and you our fellow human beings as heroes of the land to be do! In fact, you’re on Mars and the role of the army chief must restore peace to Mars, as the Rangers took a frontline position with Nslah powerful and destroy your enemies one after another! “If the fans the action games are Android gun that despite the great volume is designed without doubt Battlefield Combat: Genesis draws you to himself.

Some of the features action game Battlefield Combat: Genesis Android:

  • It contains over 70 unique scenario of the future
  • Offering a wide range of devastating weapons
  • Endless waves of enemies with artificial intelligence super
  • Sound exciting with music and sound of guns
  • Easy and professional touch controllers to control the game
  • HD three-dimensional graphics optimized for all devices

Play Battlefield Combat: Genesis now on Play Store Rated 4.0 out of 5.0 that we Apkfine the latest version of it along with the mood and the data you Android lovers of action games have introduced, as the Wi-Fi signal red top e is known to run games online and you always need an internet connection to view and download screenshots and trailer of the game with us …

Changes in version v5.1.4:

* Added new game modes: multiplayer!

1 – Producer for the game tries not supply the data demands of your loved ones with you download the game, but as usual, we’ve been proactive and to those loved ones who have poor internet speeds and are able to download data with the game, data All we have to download the installation file that you need to install and set-up data on their way up.

2 – installation procedure: First, select one of the installation files you attempt to install it, download it and decompress data, and finally com.hydranetworks.moderncommandosk folders in Android / data memory copy.

3 – mode features: infinite money

4 – Mgamvd features:

– Gold Infinity

– Cash Infinity

– Infinity Jewelry

– Energy infinite

– Medikits Infinity

– PVP gold reward Infinity

– PVP cash reward Infinity

– Increase: Damage Rate

– 500 bonus for every mission

– Max level + Remove Ads

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Battlefield Combat: Genesis 5.1.4 Data

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