Car Puzzler 1.02 Apk

Car Puzzler 1.02 Full – Fun and fun puzzle game for android cars 
Price for $ 2.99 on Google Play – Full version of our game 
Tested with full implementation

Car Puzzler is a new, interesting and super cute game featuring a unique arcade puzzle and puzzle game developed by Boris Zápotocký for Android, which was released on Google Play for $ 2.99 a couple of hours ago, and as always for the first time. We have introduced it to you ! As is known from the name of the Car Puzzler, you are dealing with cars, like the famous Train Conductor World game in which you control the trains and you have to bring them to the destination, this time in the Car Puzzler car control It’s in your hands and you have to put them one after the other safely to the destination and have more than 60 special stages left behind! There are a wide range of obstacles in the way of cars moving, so you must choose the best route to your destination! Each car is marked with a certain color and you have to get them from the specific route to the destination and enjoy having a special puzzle game! If you are an entertaining gamer that is designed to be in a superb, specially designed, non-voluminous way, and can cling to your device in an interesting environment for hours, then there’s no doubt that the Car Puzzler is the best choice!


The Car Puzzler has grown to less than 10 times today and has been able to gain a full 5.0 out of 5.0 rating , which we downloaded in , the first version, and downloaded it fully for download, and are able to first view the images of its gameplay. And finally, if you would like to get one click of the site’s high-speed servers. Finally, the Car Puzzler game has been tested by us without any problems.

V1.02 version changes:

* Various optimizations and game fixes.

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