CyberSphere Download: Sci-fi Shooter 1.7.5 Mod Apk

CyberSphere: Sci-fi Shooter 1.7.5 + Mod – Android Battle Games 
Normal Edition + Mod Mode (Infinite Money) individually 
Tested with Runtime 

CyberSphere: Sci-fi Shooter The second series of the popular and fun ” Space Battle ” game from Leonid B’s Playing Studio – Android’s Fun Free Action Games, which released its update at the same time as the release, with the infinite amount of money. Let’s rejoice for you again! The CyberSphere: Sci-Fi Shooter has been downloaded to millions of times by today’s Android users worldwide and has earned an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 ! Humans have entered combat with alien creatures and robots, enemy forces are moving towards your base, and you must take advantage of a powerful combat unit called the Space Target to take full control of the base and defend it well. do! Of course, use other weapons like rockets, high-energy electrical weapons, support drums, camouflage items, and explosives to attack the enemy! It is possible to play both online and offline, it is also possible to play online and to unite with other users in a collaborative mode!The survival of human civilization now depends on you, grasp your weapon and go to battle with enemies and overthrow them one after another and experience one of the most exciting Android games!

We have released CyberSphere: Sci-fi Shooter today with downloadable mods that you can first view the gameplay and ultimately if you would like to download it with one click from the high-speed web site! The features of the CyberSphere: Sci-fi Shooter include gaming 3D graphics and superb space simulation, single-player or multiplayer games all connected to a LAN network, up to 6 players regardless of what their operating system (Android or iOS) can play together; the ability to play offline and without the need for the Internet; the ability to unite with other users and fight against your common enemies; the possibility of single combat Single online with a powerful robot; the ability to use more than 28 deadly weapons; the possibility of using all sorts of drills open by artificial intelligence Controlled by various types of combat units such as advanced tanks, robots and space troops each with its own capabilities; the ability to easily control your units by moving your finger on the screen or using the game play; World; confrontation with all kinds of enemy combat units such as robots, alien creatures and …; low play size (less than 51 MB); gameplay and exciting environment and in general its great construction!

V1.7.5 version changes:

* New control settings + Various optimizations.


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CyberSphere Download: Sci-fi Shooter 1.7.5 Apk

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CyberSphere Download: Sci-fi Shooter 1.7.5 Mod Apk

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