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Duet Premium Edition v3.8 + Original – super duet arcade game for Android 
Premium versions offer your guest and always original +
Offline games played

Duet Premium Edition popular game Super cute with addictive gameplay and sound enchanting Game Studios Kumobius for devices Android is free on Google Play has been released and has now more than five million times by Android users around the world Prdanlvdtryn are received and is today the introduction of the original plan and Premium Farsrvyd guest and always have it with you! The game Duet you rotate two colored balls, one red and one blue charge mode, by touching the right side of the ball in the direction of clockwise and touch the left half of the balls in a counterclockwise direction to rotate and object of the game is you safely through the obstacles and reach the finish line! In the way of obstacles still and moving a lot ahead of you and you should carefully as possible so the balls rotate without hitting the barriers of La Lai pass because if it hits the ball burst, etc. a paintball Glvg·h barrier is painted! Overall Duet very simple design as much as possible tried glitter graphics it be avoided; instead of visual effects tries to approach the game, how to play with the mind of the user and posted on the page for the focus appears to be playing with your nerves!

Some of the features arcade game for Android Duet Premium Edition:

  • Has 8 different chapters, each of which needs to be mentally and intricacies
  • Can not redo every step to increase your skills and unlock more than 25 achievements
  • Unlock different modes of survival, daily games and four additional modes
  • 9 soundtrack is so beautiful that you are in the mood to play down
  • Design and construction of ultra sound exciting and simple and user-friendly touch controls

Game Duet Premium Edition first start easy and gradually harder and harder, some obstacles can only get your hands on part of the screen and see the ball, how carefully from La Lai obstacles pass sometimes the manufacturer for all precision micrometer’re done! In later stages of moving obstacles, hidden strength, high speeds and large and small barriers adds to the thrill of the game! Play now at the Play Store Rated 4.5 out of 5.0 with a great welcome facing us today Farsrvyd the latest version of the mobile version of the Premium to download the data that we are able to link directly and for free to download it from the server by clicking the link speed.

Additional notes Premium version and full version of the game in which the original is placed individually for download.

Changes in version v3.8:

* Added new modes: continuance



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