Dungeons of Chaos 1.4.20 Mod Apk Download

Dungeons of Chaos v1.4.20 + Mod – turbulent dungeon role-playing game for Android!
The regular version + version mode with infinite money separately
$ 3.99 4.7 points from 5.0 in the Google Market
The game runs offline

Dungeons of Chaos super beautiful new style role-playing game from the studio Prometheusheir RPGs for Android devices that Google offered $ 3.99 in large supermarkets and the same as always for the first time in Iran have decided your presence lovers role-playing games such as FINAL FANTASY introduce! In this game you are in a two-dimensional plane, a new adventure begins for victory and overcome evil and have a variety of different missions, including the tactical use of professional skills characters used and the use of spells available to do to reach your main goal! The game has now raised by the media and the site has been criticized and could attract the users around the world to himself in spite of his money has bought at about 5 million times by users worldwide and almost all were happy with your purchase! If you’re interested in playing games on Android, no doubt, play without data Dungeons of Chaos struck you that the monetary version and complete it with the version now before your mood!


Some role-playing game Dungeons of Chaos Android features:

  • Integrated with the operating system Android , in the spirit of old games
  • Vast environments to explore with addictive gameplay with a 2D top-down
  • A variety of characters, classes, spells and different skills to use
  • Receive different kinds of bonuses to advance the missions assigned to you
  • A variety of hidden treasures and items out of the process for discovery by you
  • A variety of items to combine and create a wonderful variety of weapons and tools
  • Choose the degree of difficulty of the game adjusts difficulty level to suit your age

Play Dungeons of Chaos is now in the Play Store Rated 4.7 out of 5.0 that we Apkfine paid version for download mode’ve put together. This game may be introduced for the first time before you can apply with one click action to get it.

Changes in version v1.4.20:

* New Feature + Various optimizations.


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Dungeons of Chaos 1.4.20 Apk

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Dungeons of Chaos 1.4.20 Mod Apk

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