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Durango: Wild Lands v2.22.0 – Unbelievable action and survival game for Android mobile data
An incredible consoles game with addictive gameplay – New update with release and for the first time in Iran.
Online game is online and additional tips are posted
Special offer for Forex

Durango: Wild Lands – Durango: The Wildland is a new and unusual game of action games – a role from the NEXON Company for Android , which is released for free on Google Play and is considered to be the most beautiful and most special Android games. On your request, your loved ones have decided that for the first time in Iran , introduce your new version of your presence and rejoice! Durango: Wild Lands takes you from a modern and advanced world to our world before history, a world in which you will encounter a variety of living creatures like giant dinosaurs and other natural hazards! At the beginning of the game, you have the caption without any introduction, so you have to choose the character you want from several characters! After a bit of playing and surfing in the train, you will be incredibly stricken; a powerful dinosaur strikes the moving train and throws you out of the train! Now you have to search and adventure in the astonishing world of our prehistoric creatures and wipe your mind back home! Durango: Wild Lands is a professional MMORPG game that can surprise you with breathtaking graphics full of detail! Details of the foliage of the trees, shrubs and flawless simulation of all kinds of dinosaur species, all of which are widespread and freely available in the world, make you wonder for a moment to watch your beauty! If you’re a fan of special games and special offer, you can easily download the Durango: Wild Lands game and experience one of the most beautiful and special Android games on your Android device.

We are testing 100% of the Durango: Wild Lands games we have today on Forex with data that installs and runs on all devices without problems! In general, what you need to do in Durango: Wild Lands is to save yourself from all kinds of threats and win the various challenges that the storyline sets against you. In this Open-World game you have to form a team with other survivors; explore fantastic forest forests; hunt, build and communicate with others, and enjoy a fantastic game! You will be able to view pictures and trailer of the gameplay first and then download one click from the high-speed servers at once.

Note :

One: Durango: Wild Lands is online and online, and it always needs the Internet!
Two: Game servers are not filtering the moment you are watching this page and you can log in without the need for a filth-breaker!
Three: In addition to the data downloaded, the data is downloaded less than 80 MB from the game and then you enter the game!
Four: The Durango: Wild Lands game is unreleased in beta and regular updates are available to your loved ones!
Five: The new update that comes with you is for the first time available on the web for download by Forex!
Six: The game is not hacked – refrain from posting comments regarding the request.

V2.22.0 version changes:

* Did you know you can support different ways?
* Ability to support via T-stones or Warp Gems
* Added other features + Various optimizations

Instructions for installing and executing the game:

– Download and install the installation file first.

Download the data file and unzip it. Com folder Copy nexon.durango to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Finally, run the game.


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