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Egg Inc’s new and popular games in the genre of casual games, simulation and management of the studio Auxbrain Inc for Android that it should play the role of the farmer! Tell the secrets of the universe in the near future will come out of an egg, of course you do not do these things, and your ultimate goal of poultry to obtain the highest profits by selling as many eggs! To set up a poultry farm must be foremost spacious rooms for poultry build, then you can hire a driver for the transportation of your farm and even an internal research center to make your farms and it has become Beekeeping not the most advanced in the world! More hatchery and poultry products should be your program! The game is essentially a fancy clicker style (a style in which you work regularly with the touch screen to advance); however, many elements of simulation and management games where it can be seen that the gameplay of the game clicker hobbyists have greatly different, the gameplay is unique in its kind!

Some of the features simulation game Egg Inc Android:

  • A simple, yet interesting gameplay with different challenges
  • Various scientific research to improve their farming
  • Machine dozens of cargo and poultry houses with different designs
  • Elegant design interface + ten different stages
  • Have the highest scores and various achievements
  • Very beautiful three-dimensional graphics and the style of the shadows Charkhanh

Egg Inc in the game instead of the menu and its options colorful three-dimensional graphics you’ll use to specify your choices. Avian see it all the way and that they can also remind you of the real sense of being birder! Investment in this game is very important and you should know exactly what parts of your investment, a good investment with a balanced management of its resources can help your success and enhance the efficiency of your farm! This game can be both for those who occasionally dabbled play is interesting and those who have more experience in the game hobbyists clicker. The first batch of games for a very beautiful interface, try out all the options and the gradual expansion of poultry while the second will be interesting to play different gameplay, changing it throughout the game and the game in this respect receives charm and deep draw will pay attention! Victims of until this moment more than 5 million times by Android users around the world downloaded from Google Play and was able to earn a good rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 that we Apkfine to download the latest version’ve put it to mobile mode!

Changes in version v1.5.1:

* Added new eggs!
* Change the appearance of the silos when upgrading
* Optimize and fix problems in the game.


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Egg Inc 1.5.1 Mod Apk

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