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Eraser v1.3 + Mod – unique puzzle game for Android 
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Eraser new game and very nice with specific and different design and gameplay addictive puzzle games in the style of the studio HIKER GAMES for Android is free in the Play Store to sound and as a very short time managed more than 50 thousand times by the Android user the download high rating of 4.6 from 5.0 the business world and that this points to the special design on his mind! Eraser game’s story follows the main character in the accident, was small and its design goes into the paper! Now he must Marker that wants to destroy hands, so he could escape from his nightmare to wake up! This very simple story could provide a highly attractive platform gameplay, the player is touching some existing forms, they disappear and the victory broader, easier to say, your finger eraser role will play! Ironically, like similar titles, the laws of physics puzzles Eraser both times, so with the disappearance of any part of the objects should have expected different behavior!


Eraser game design based on the laws of physics makes the gameplay of the game is much more well-made, why is it so hard to get, let’s use an analogy from physics to better understand how we totter to imagine that the state of equilibrium. Now if any of you want to delete, swings to the other side of the falls. This is just a simple sample of some physical challenges and advance Eraser will see tougher puzzles. Fortunately, the extent of the puzzle would be to not feel tired soon! From a visual perspective, the environment and characters interesting design have continuity with the core gameplay. Energizing music and tries to inject adrenaline into the blood of the player, his excitement increase. You can now see the first screenshots and trailer of the game and feel free from Apkfine Proceed to download a typical installation files and see whats playing.

Changes in version v1.3:

* Added leaderboard + support for more languages.

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Eraser 1.3 Mod Apk 

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