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Her Story super-cute new game in the genre of adventure games and video studio of Sam Barlow for devices running Android in the hours before Google debuted with $ 2.99 in large supermarkets and again as always we decided for the first time your presence in Iran to introduce adventure game lovers! The game’s story takes place in 1994, just when Hannah Smith, the main character, referring to the police, announced the news of her husband’s missing! After a while, so for unknown reasons, her husband murdered and that makes the police interrogated him in the time period does! Game, gamers against short films Hannah puts up his investigation to discover the truth of this issue! Her Story gameplay on an old computer screen and the player is going to be the Guest computer, can be found by searching the files, and videos related to Hannah’s review! The game files for preset have not been put in the hands of gamers, but by searching for keywords (Coleman Hannah used in interrogations of them) can access new videos and more!


Collection of videos in the archive is about 270, which of course was a very short and lasts up to 1 minute. To start the game, keyword murder (Murder) to give you and the rest of the story yourself deposit. With the search word murder, five video files can be found and should start work with them! According to the words uttered by Hanna search system is based entirely on the game, it is possible that the files have been found, each of the interrogation on certain days, and none are related to one another. This is where gamers should pay attention to the words and the words of Hannah, looking for new keywords search to find files more! Since some of the key words used in a large number of files, play video display on any word to 5 numbers and watch for other files should be limited in time, followed by a more detailed search for words. The system is an interesting game that you do not need to look for specific words used in previous videos but also can search by Hannah speculation or even write sentences that you think may have been used by him (like ” Yes, I was there. “) Run your work! Of course, it is natural to progress further in the game, speculation is also less useful and should focus your attention more on issues expressed. There are other features that gamers work somewhat easier. For example, each video to the slideshow, special tags are removed to see if it already seen it, as well as the video you What do you think are important to build Jdagvnh archive and even your own key words to put on each search process easier in the future! The essence of the game is cluttered and illogical at first glance seem very difficult, but in it, everything is logical and amazing art game will showcase its builder as well. Every gamer may have different searches to other gamers, and this makes the process of forming the story is different for each person.

During the game Hannah Her Story, narrated by the two parts of their lives, including children and young people that each is associated with other species. Some of the events in childhood linked perfectly with the events of his youth, and others only to narrate the full story in the game have been placed. Her Story charm of the story is that it constantly gives vague information and layout information only up to you to eat Dard.gahy may seek the videos that are irrelevant to the tell the whole story or at least it’s almost think arrive. Other times you will hear the words of Hannah totally in contradiction with all your knowledge or his previous letters. This is precisely the goal that was followed by the successful developer of Ast.asas game that gamers will have to form a judgment about the events that have no knowledge of it, and the judge sometimes it can be annoying. Information cluttered the game does that constantly fall into wrong. May sometimes miss Hannah angry or heart burn for him. Even trying to look at her face find out whether his words are true or false? The big difference with other games is that Her Story does not try to put you in the role of a skilled detective, but wants to give you a sense of subtlety. Follow the clues you feel that the ability to reach a satisfactory conclusion. So that makes gamers feel nimble, always game, although sometimes it becomes tired or nervous, not so long continue. In the gameplay of the game, repeatedly arises because you do not have to What struck you the look of the game, but the story is so interesting and engaging that is to say, forsaking the game makes it difficult. The gameplay is as it seems in fact not difficult and only requires that certain tricks of the players come.

For added convenience, there is a database system in which the number of video game seen on game shows and can help you discover it had seen a few percent of the interrogation videos. To see a little more than half of the videos, play almost ends and can be satisfied with the result, from the foot up. But if you’re a bit adventurous allow you again to look for words and other videos and pieces of the puzzle together more than ever gameplay Bgzaryd.gym takes about 2 hours, and if you are looking for all videos you should not spend time in about 6 to 8 hours. Much of the gameplay, in which you have to follow all the truth, relates to the final section and find the last remaining videos. Find out the latest videos, although patience of Job and requires a lot of effort, but his value and certainly by completing the game, you’re very proud of yourself! Although the game VCR or “video interaction”, according to many, but not subdirectories game industry category but can not ignore the fact that Her Story Bazyst and talk a lot to say. Perhaps Previously, the games that are offered have not been able cinematic narrative of the story is a fun and interactive game clean, but Sam Barlow well familiar with the boundaries between movies and games and the best of them with one another in mixed. Her story of course, as “game” in the traditional sense, but is not classified and properly arranging elements of the game and cinematic narrative elements in the encapsulation, which has led to the creation of art rather than nothing and say None of the critics VCR to leave the game. her Story can certainly at least for relatively short periods, each gamer is busy!

notice that :

  • Her Story to play your part must be strong English language.
  • The introduction of the description laid off, the game has also been used.

Changes in version v1.2.4:

* Publish the first game in the Google Play store.

Installation instructions and execution of the game Her Story Android:

– First, download and install the apk file.

– Download the data files and decompress it. Com.mrsambarlow folder . Herstorygame in the path of Android / obb copy.

– Finally, run the game.


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