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Human Resource Machine v1.0.2 Full – wonderful puzzle game “human resources” Android!
$ 4.99 at Google Play and for your loved ones
Special offer to the programmer 

Human Resource Machine to Persian “Human Resources for” new game is incredibly beautiful with specific gameplay style puzzle games of Tomorrow Corporation for Android is $ 4.99 an hour ago saw the release of Android version in the Play Store and we like Iran always decided for the first time in the presence of you Android lovers introduce special games! The beautiful game, the controller’s office puts you a few employees, these employees need your help to have a detailed plan for their company! If you can succeed at an early stage in order to give a perfect and flawless, you’ll find immediately by upgrading your boss! Thus, your rights will increase your skills in the field of programming, but more should be much better than before, because the more advanced puzzles you will encounter! Over time, the office expands and the number of people who work in it, more as well. To better control your office, you need to spend a high operating speed and the more time away from your hand, you get a lower rating! Finally, if you change your plans on time, the losers will be the people who are in office can also help to speed up your work! If you like a particular game Human Resource Machine not miss experience.

Human Resource Machine game is now being introduced, a few seconds is published in the Play Store and retail display and by downloading it from Apkfine of global users are the first to experience it! Details about the game is over and I explained I translated it from the manufacturer to you; “Human Resource Machine is a puzzle game for PC fans out where your task in each pool that you can make the company’s employees for act automatically to the head of the company, if you fail to do this hard work will go to the next step! If you have not programmed, you do not need to worry, programming is like solving a puzzle! If all the zeros and ones and nested parentheses and frightening disregard, programming simple, logical and beautiful, and everyone can appreciate it and enjoy it! Expert programmers work well if you are, do not worry because there are many challenges for you! “Now we Apkfine and bought the first version of the game introduces you dear users, and we can do it with a click download.

Changes in version v1.0.2:

* Various optimizations and fixes problems with the game.

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Human Resource Machine 1.0.2  Apk

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