Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.7.7 Mod Apk Download

Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.7.7 + Mod – play the free world “the last days” of Android
The regular version + version mode (coins and Craft Point infinite)
Testing with Run online

Last Day on Earth: Survival in Persian “survival on the last day of the” new game popular and fun in the genre of action games studio Kefir for Android is free in the Google Play offered in a very short time more than half a million Google received by Android users worldwide and is the most popular! Apocalyptic world full of dangers and threats in space exploration is not a group of survivors of control and where they live and their habitat to expand and strengthen their photos! Create a group with your friends and try to stay alive! Once you’ve created your base to experience absolute freedom! Research on new technologies, upgrade your weapons and participate in various battles to keep control over resources! Somehow try to stay alive! Your base in a state of absolute freedom, as well as using various items to create a protective cover for traveling to different parts of the world to create sources of the different to itself or to the life and habitat of other players attack you experience one of the best action games on Android!

Play Last Day on Earth: Survival are now in the Play Store Rated 4.4 out of 5.0 that we Apkfine the latest version of it along with the mode of action games have introduced you lovers! In this game you control the main character take over and touch buttons on the screen, you can proceed to move and interact with objects you! There are a wide range of enemies with your weapons and punches can make them one after the other foot and you engaged for hours! General features of the game are as they improve their skills by obtaining weapons and tools, build a strong base to protect yourself and your resources, combating a wide range of enemies and zombies, explore new lands , joining liable to increase the excitement, communicating with other players with an exclusive chat system design and excellent gameplay noted Atyaavrsh! You can see images of the gameplay, you might want to download it.

Note: Play Last Day on Earth: Survival online.

Changes in version v1.7.7:

* For this update on Google Play, the changes to the previous version are listed.

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