Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.2.2e – Mod Apk + Data Download

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour v1.2.2e + Mod – modern game Kombat Android mobile quad data 

100% tested completely offline by running on ANDROID 4.4.2
Rating 4.4 from 5.0 with millions of downloads from Google Market

Healthy version for the first time on the Web
Copying prohibited

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour fourth version of the beautiful game exciting and popular struggle Ltd. The company boasts of advanced products for the operating system Android is the best and most exciting experience of playing first-person shooters on your smartphone brings won. The graphics are very top of the game will certainly surprise you in ways that video game handheld console with fold. Game graphics, sound and realistic characters, sound effects and video and powerful weapons all have to join hands to offer the best action game! This game, like the famous game Call Of Duty is designed for people over 17 years.

The story of the game is that the United States of America under attack of the terrorists and the leader of the terrorist group is one of the veterans of the United States decided to betray his country by attacking and killing the crime and corruption in the country of destroy, to have been given. You can not play the role of an American soldier and your mission is to fight terrorists! In the game you will be able to pay guided vehicles or drones assume control and feel the excitement! You can choose from a variety of semi-automatic weapons, hand grenades and shotguns and benefit and with the help of your enemy’s head.

Modern Combat 4 game incredibly attractive, there is also the possibility to buy weapons that you can buy all kinds of weapons and use them in battle. The feature of this game is the ability to play multiplayer you can play with other friends with a wifi connection. Multiplayer capability to people who are tired of firing at the enemy, we recommend! In short, everything about the game’s say, a little open it to all users interested in action games gun we recommend. 1.1.7c version of the game that was published today in the Android Market for $ 6.99 as before the price goes and we’ve put it to you for free. To see screenshots of the game Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and download it directly from the ..

Note that previously, and a few days before 1.2.0f version of the game is presented in Iranian sites all have problems (certainly those who have downloaded and seeing the post of Farsrvyd to discover the truth of the matter what can we say!) We are proud that for the first time in the Web version of the game you’re perfectly healthy.

Changes in version v1.2.2e:

* Fixed bugs and improved game graphics

Installation instructions and play Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour:

– Apk files to download and install.

– Download the data files and decompress it. Com.gameloft data folder with the name . Android.anmp.gloftm4Hm in the path of Android / obb put internal memory.

– And finally run the game.

Notes on playing Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour:

– Version before you without having to pass through sanctions or sink into Gmail runs out!

– According to the data folder just to be on track to SD card (internal memory) to be copied.

Free Download Link

Android 5 version

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.2.0f Apk

Download Now


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.2.0f Mod Apk

Download Now


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.2.0f DATA

Download Now

Android 2.3 to 4.4.4 version

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.2.2e Apk

Download Now


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.2.2e Mod Apk

Download Now


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.2.2e DATA

Download Now
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Developer: Gameloft
Price: $6.99+

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    It shows “the game is successfully downloaded. Touck OK and play the game ”
    But after this won’t show anything and automatically come to won’t star

    • what is your android version

  • what is your android version

    • Queen of Sex

      Marshmallow 6

  • Rohit guchait

    We want it for our android version 6.0. So plse make it for us.

  • Ashutosh Gupta

    Its showing the messgae while running the game “unfortunately , MC4 has stopped”
    I’m using samsung tab 3

  • Ashutosh Gupta

    Help me …..

    • Bitto Singh

      Talk to me what’s up 8383884150

  • Rohit guchait

    Is it for my android version 6

  • Faizan Sayyed

    Can this game works in samsung j7
    Apkfine please reply…

    • Apk Boy

      yes work

  • Android 6.0 on Lenovo Vibe K4 Note.

  • Hey.. please help. 😔

  • Sahan Barbhuiya
    • Sahan Barbhuiya

      Android version is 6.0.1

  • Aan jefriansyah

    What’s is this the password

  • Fauzan Fauzi

    Why mc4 is has stopped in my phone?? ?
    Coolpad sky, andrioid 6.0
    Apkfine can you help me?

  • Brian Massey

    Mc4 has stopped working
    Pls help

    • Melody Kelfy

      Hey appfine will this game work for tecno p5 plus version 4.4.2

  • Mohd Shadab

    Why it is stopped in my device.Marshmallow version 6.0.1

  • Vishal Valmiki

    It works Thank you

    • Melody Kelfy

      Pls are u sure it works cuz I want to download it for my tecno tecno p5 plus version 4.4.2

  • Gag’s Gavi Gagan

    Thanks for game …iam using samsung j7 prime with 3gb ram . Screen look like this ..plz fix the problem…

    • fussion gt


    • Amit Pandey

      sell ur samsung and buy any of the asus mobiles…….perfect gaming experience with ultra fine graphics and 5000 mah battery for long play

  • ken arok

    Not work for marshmallow. It said “app not installed”

  • Nike SPK

    Ian using Samsung j2……thank for game…. This game it cool.

  • Nike SPK

    I want to see next games apkfine

  • dru

    there is two apk files, which one should i install? the just apk file without mod or the mod apk? thanks

  • Aman Joshi

    Hey admin. im trying to install mc4 but its showing that “App not installed”
    Is there any solution? or this is happening because of unsupported GPU version.
    pls help

    • Apk Boy

      Your Android Version ?

  • Afolabi Olatoyan

    Pls help it says invalid license

  • DN DROID’S 《For smart phone us

    Ya make it for our android version 6.0 please send me a link for it plzzzz

  • Muhammad Ikram Muslimin Ikram

    “Mc4 has stopped” why my phone android 5.1.1 my gpu mali t720 why mc4 has stopped

  • Austrriech Argono

    Why my mc4 have bugs and glicth please help me admin!

  • Austrriech Argono
    • Neeraj Verma

      same problem is hare

  • Vebbrii CampVira

    Apkfine GoodJobs.Dihp Saya Smartfren u2 tapi customromnya xiaomi 100%Work…. Saya pake yg versi bawah.versi hp guah masih jellybean…..Lancar No Lag… BISA OFFLINE AND ONLINE…THANKS APKFINE.Semoga tetap lancar blog inih

  • Kim Narcelles Tadlas

    There’s no obb file download link

  • Kim Narcelles Tadlas

    It says extract the data file to sdcard/Android/Data and extract the obb file onto sdcard/Android/Obb but there’s no obb file to download its just the apk and the data file so plz update this page and plz upload a compatible file to marshmallow tnx

  • Duke Orven Nilo

    It work bro thanks so happy!!!!!
    Do you have nba 2k17?

  • Aminos Ben

    TELECHARGER Hitman Sniper v 1.7 apk + data

  • Husin

    Txs Apk Fine It Is Works….
    semoga kedepannya Apkfine semakin sukses…..Amin

  • Smai Jamatia

    I can’t play in my os: Android version:6.0.1 so plz update for this version
    It will be appreciate

  • Rizky Zulfikar

    Pls make this mod apk for version marsmallow,, i cant play this game.. Padahal saya ingin sekali main game ini,, tolong berikan versi marsmallow nya ya gan.. T,T


    Can I download it if my android 7.1.2?

  • fentezi vo

    Warning: the apk is has a adware in it. If you don’t mind popping up ads everywhere you go then download it.
    The best thing to do is to download tge download the data here and download the apk from somewhere else like revdl site and that’s what i did.

  • Martin Simuunza

    Hello,i am using a j5 2016 the game us fine but each time i open the app it starts again and asks for verification please help

  • Neeraj Verma

    how can play modern combat 4 zero hour in android 6.0