NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball 1.6.5 Apk Download

NBA LIVE Mobile v1.6.5 – real basketball game for Android Mobile
Rating 4.4 from 5.0 and more than 50,000,000 downloads from Google Play
Dear user demand

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Prdanlvdtryn of the most popular sports games and basketball of the proposed studio ELECTRONIC ARTS for Android is available for free in the Play store and up to this moment more than 50 million times around the world has been downloaded by Android users! Unlike other basketball games, including NBA 2K 2016 in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball should build teams with amateur players and teams and players gradually get stronger and get points! Three different modes in this game can be seen, one of your team in the league playoffs Msayqat Chharh team and send your company to become champion, in fact, the traditional mode of NBA; second mode is called Live Events in the daily challenges you define your gaming skills raises and in the third game modes, namely head-to-head, you control a player during the quarters and get online with one of the he is responsible for controlling a player that you play! In general you should not expect the mobile version control graphics and game consoles will have this game, the graphics are good, but the figures do not see players up close, it is easier to control the game so attractive Mobile version has proved more! If you are interested in games for Android Basketball is a game you are above the perfect choice!


NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball game in the Play Store now has a rating of 5.0 is 4.4 We Apkfine the latest version of it for you and we can do it with one click from site to download the high-speed servers. Games can include features such as real teams and the ever-popular superstars from the world of basketball, daily challenges and exciting, amazing graphics, perfect simulation, possible and collect unique team, participating in tournaments online, you can unlock special abilities of each player, able to engage in buying and selling seasonal, three-dimensional graphics and good shows out! To view and download images from the game for free with us!

Note :

1 – play data, but tries not supplied by the manufacturer and must be downloaded through Play [download something around 300 MB data volume]

2 – Online game is always the Internet.

3 – Play mode version does not follow the mood!

Changes in version v1.6.5:

* When you defeat a boss, you get a street player
* New: Build a new lineup
* Play with different rules
* Added other new features + Various optimizations + Fix game problems.

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