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Order & Chaos Online v4.1.0H – Android mobile online action game + trailer data – a popular game from Gameloft global player with 5+ million

Order & Chaos Online to Farsi (Order and Chaos Online) offer exciting game in the style of game action and fight for the operating system Android is an arcade game company Game Loft is another masterpiece. With the game worlds to explore and an epic range of thousands of players online in this game last epic multiplayer boundaries, join! Enter the above game player and superhuman epic battle between demons and supernatural beings with extraordinary powers and magical adventure leads, including the game-world that it does not end anytime soon! Karaktrsazy system gives players the possibility to play the desired character can be up to 4 characters to customize according to your taste. There are two types of battle in this game, a battle between demons and humans to regulate and organize and another battle between orcs and undead for chaos and anarchy!

Order-Chaos-Online Game

This game is the best and most popular online games is Android, thousands of players from around the world brought to his side and now on Play Store is rated 4.3. The game features a wide interaction with other players in the online environment and you have the possibility to specify that your friends and foes unite, duel, communicate and more. By forming alliances with other players, more powerful and better you can encounter enemies and keep yourself entertained for hours . The game is designed in such a way that you can with your feet or magical items from the dark woods to the plains , deserts, mountains and go and experience the real thrill of online games. In this amazing game you will be faced with characters and different people and have more than 500 demands that the game asks you to do to play to the finish!

The features of the game is a wonderful beautiful Order & Chaos Online are as follows:

  • The availability of different characters selectable by the user
  • Choice of gender, appearance and talented characters played by player
  • The availability of thousands of different weapons and skills to conquer the enemy
  • Choice of Enemies and Friends preferred by gamers
  • The possibility of fighting in groups with friends and other users worldwide
  • Having high HD graphics with professional sound quality

If you have a good speed internet and game fans Nlaynyd, Apkfine latest version of the game Order & Chaos Online will offer you. Note that the game Order & Chaos Online offer only online can be installed and run, and use it also needs education that can be read by going to continue. To view pictures from the games , download games, along with the data file and install and run with us ….

Note: The game Order & Chaos Online As the title implies, the Internet is done online.

Changes in version v4.1.0H:

* Birthday 6-year-old game Order & Chaos Online
* Added new features
* Fixed various bugs and problems in the game …

Installation instructions and game Order & Chaos Online:

– Get the apk file and install it.

– Data files to download! Decompress it; com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftMMHM folder in the path of Android / Obb copy.

– Wi-Fi connection to make and run the game.

– Referring to the following address to create an account for yourself:


– Enjoy the game.

Problem solving licensed game (in the face):

Setting phone and cache first two apps and Google play store, delete the Google play service; (clear cache check) then activate your fillet-Rshkn. Google search market to execute and play above and click the download button to download a few kilobytes to be! After downloading the installation file and stopped and the data used here and play games without license!

If results were found when searching for Order & Chaos Online, the activeness of the fillet-Rshkn create a new Google account problem will be solved.


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Order & Chaos Online 3D MMORPG
Order & Chaos Online 3D MMORPG
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