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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt v8.4 + Mod – A Different Action Games Android Pirate Battle
Normal version + Module version with the listed features individually
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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt – The Pirate Battle of the Caribbean Sea is a different and popular action game genre of Home Net Games for Android , which has been released for free on Google Play and to this day more than 10 million times by Android users around the world. And today, on your request, we have decided to introduce this beautiful game to your excitement and always be glad to introduce you to this exciting game! The game was presented by the manufacturer as follows: “Everybody respect the captain’s bow! Travel to the heart of the Caribbean in the era of pirates, the age of black flags with white skulls, blue waves and golden opportunities, raise pirate flags, steer the rudder and seize! The battle, the attack, the looting, and the search for the treasure are integral parts of the game; you must become the king of the Bloody Gulf of Antilles! “Yes … In this game you take the lead of ships that can customize and increase their power. You can then attack the ships of the Caribbean by boat and increase their resources and money by defeating them! If you do not miss The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt fans of Android and Android games, do not miss!

Some features of the action game The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Android:

  • Pick your ship from 15 different ships
  • Forming a fleet of ships without limitation in terms of number
  • Control multiple ships simultaneously during battles
  • Attack the enemy fortifications with heavy balls
  • Use 5 different ammo: balls, balls, chains, balls, bombs and dual bullets.
  • The use of various weapons for naval battles such as explosive barrels, fire extinguishers, and fortresses
  • There are 20 upgrades for ships
  • Upgrade characters and climb their levels by gaining more experience
  • Includes 20 different skills for the captains
  • Travel to hundreds of islands and dozens of different harbors
  • Considering the night and day in the game
  • Construction of different buildings and upgrading them
  • Build a shared base with other players
  • Attack on merchant ships, carrying smuggled goods, carrying personnel and military
  • Story mode with different missions and real environment
  • Selecting one of the 5 countries that are in the game
  • Excellent design for less than 50 MB

Play The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is currently rated in 4.5 from 5.0 in the PlayStation, and we have introduced the latest and most recent version of Farsi with your attendees! You will be able to view screenshots from the game first and then download free games from the high-speed servers on the site.

V8.4 version changes:

* New features + Bug fixes + Various optimizations.

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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt 8.4 Apk

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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt 8.4 Mod Apk

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