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World Chef v1.34.15 + Mod – The World Chef World of Android
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World Chef – The World Chef is a popular and entertaining cooking style game from the Social Point game studio for Android smartphones and tablets that has been released for free on Google Play and has grown to over 50 million times by Android users. All over the world, we have been introduced to your request to your loved ones by the presence of cooking lovers! World Chef is a game that runs water from your mouth so that you may have to wear the kids as a bonnet! This is the “World Chef” game, in which the chef’s kitchen is never shut down and the garrison always smiles. Lips! You can have your own restaurant in this game, decorate it yourself and serve all sorts of food! From the beginning, your restaurant is small and there will not be much customers, and gradually the customer will be served with high quality cuisine! Progressive steps are going one by one; you will gradually enlarge your restaurant; you will get popular people in your restaurant; you will even get a beachfront owner! Remember, your restaurant is not supposed to give fast food, so take time and make the food calm and spend the right time! Your customers know that eating delicious food in your restaurant is worth the wait! If you are a fan of cooking games, no doubt World Chef will draw your attention.

World Chef is currently rated 4.4 out of 5.0 in the PlayStation, and we have introduced the latest version of it in  the style of the presence of your loved ones, and you can first view the pictures and trailer of it and if you want it Download one click from the high speed servers! The general features of the game include the ability to build, customize and manage your own specialty restaurant; the ability to buy fresh ingredients to make your own delicious foods; the ability to attract customers from around the world and serve your best food for them; give the best recipes Bake your food for other chefs; Great design with fun gameplay! Come to download with us …

V1.34.15 version changes:

* New halloween features + Various optimizations and game fixes.


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World Chef 1.34.15 Apk

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World Chef 1.34.15 Mod Apk

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