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Bully: Anniversary Edition v1.0.0.17 Full – unique action game for Android mobile school bully data
$ 6.99 and 4.8 points from 5.0 in large supermarkets Google
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Bully: Anniversary Edition fantastic new game in the genre of action games and made popular the company Rockstar Games for devices with Android for over two hours ago Google released with $ 6.99 in the large market and still, as always, we decided to, for the first Iran’s presence in certain games, we introduce you lovers! In this game, you control a 15-year-old boy named Jimmy Hopkins to take responsibility; this guy is not a normal person and had been deported seven times from different schools! Jimmy’s mother was not a normal person and married for the fifth time this is going on a honeymoon with his wife, but he was a year old for a honeymoon that he would not be affected by Shrvrsh son, Jimmy America into one of the cities to BullWorth’s name and school name registration does BullWorth Academy, the school is good and bad guys is kind of trying to reform its education! Jimmy loves always someone above your head and you see suffering, why decide that strict rules to bypass school and individual students and school teachers in place and put itself into the school is a nightmare! When your principal at the beginning of the game Jimmy introduces him to Jimmy background checks for the principal he spoke little devil And he comes from the beginning to what is of the! 


Bully: Anniversary Edition is one of those games that hours can be pinned to your phone, and you get to keep playing it. The gameplay of this title is very diverse and includes several categories, one of the most important parts of the game that classrooms are held at certain hours and must be on time in class! In this title, main and side quests that players can also be placed next to the school, they do well. But you should not be like GTA, from the professional game missions are expected to be as focused as it is certain to offend others and you’ve taken on the task of doing it! Of course, there are also Jimmy’s sporting spirit and the side missions are trying to help others! There are poor people in school that will help you and you can help them and make money! In general, if you’re interested in games that have different styles and build with other games and can take you to Gvshymykhkvb for hours without a doubt Bully: Anniversary Edition is the best option for the purchased version and complete it now in front of you, you can download it for free.

Changes in version v1.0.0.17:

* Added support referral link to Rockstar Games, the article “Bully: Anniversary Edition Settings, Controls & How-To’s” on pause
* Indiana correct flag for the state Geography Class To Friend Challenges
* Display Help text (Help Text) in Tad’s House until the player is there
* Highest Rating Consumo has dropped from 1010 to 800.
* Fixed various bugs and problems with the game + improvements and optimizations.

Installation instructions and play Bully: Anniversary Edition Android Games:

– Installation file will download and install the game.

– Download and decompress data files and folders Com.rockstargames . bully in the path of Android / obb place.

– Finally run game.


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