Cyber ​​Hunter Lite 0.100.182 Apk + Data For Android

Cyber ​​Hunter Lite v0.100.182 – Cyber ​​Hunter Action Games: Light Android Version with Data
Lite Version of the Popular Cyber ​​Hunter Game with Smaller Size and Optimized Graphics
Tested Online

Cyber ​​Hunter Lite – Cyber ​​Hunter: Light version of an action and adventure game, and in fact a lighter and lighter version of the popular and graphic game Cyber ​​Hunter This is what we had previously introduced in Farsighted. The game is a product of Hong Kong’s NetEase Games studio, which seeks to satisfy and expand the target user market. Previously, the makers of the game PUBG also made a compact version of the game, and this is being repeated by other developers. With improved graphics and lower volume, this version can run on weaker and mid-range Android phones and tablets. So if you were a fan of this beautiful game but were unable to experience the Cyber ​​Hunter game because of a midrange mobile or tablet, Cyber ​​Hunter Lite is here to fix the problem. All the features and features of the Cyber ​​Hunter Lite version are the same as the original characters, maps, weapons and more, and the main difference between the two is in the graphic detail and final volume.PUBG , RULES OF SURVIVAL , or FightNight modeled and built in the style of a royal battlefield , you play a role in a world full of chaos where there is no law other than survival. The game takes place in an open world and your main task is to try to survive in whatever way you can. For this reason, some of your most important missions include finding resources, killing and looting enemy resources, finding refuge, using various tools, and the like. One of the favorite features of Cyber ​​Hunter Lite gamers and audiences is the ability to use a variety of terrestrial and aerial vehicles. You can go anywhere on the map by riding on a motor or car or flying by solo jet.

Some of the features of Cyber ​​Hunter Lite Android game:

  • Great graphics and high detail along with proper optimizations
  • Runs on weaker and mid-range Android devices
  • Fun and action gameplay in the style of Royal Betel and Open World
  • Ability to select and personalize different parts including the appearance of the game character
  • Ability to use all kinds of weapons and weapons
  • Ability to mount cars, motorcycles and similar equipment
  • There are hundreds of different sources to discover and use
  • Possibility to kill and loot competitors’ resources
  • Usability of various tools
  • Ability to perform various movements such as running, jumping, climbing walls, etc.

Although seemingly a light and light version of the Cyber ​​Hunter Lite , it is not much different from the original and, moreover, it is optimized and performs better than the original version. Thousands of active gamers are on the game’s servers, and you can join them to join one of the most unique Battle Royal style games of the past few years. The beautiful game just over a day after its release, has surpassed 100,000 downloads on Google Play and so far has earned a score of 3.9 out of 5.0 . You can now get the latest official update of the game as tested with its data file from.

Note: Your phone must be English to identify the data.

Changes to version v0.100.182:

* There are no changes to this release on Google Play.

Instructions for Installing and Running a Cyber ​​Hunter Lite:

– Download and install the installation file first.

– Download the data file and unzip it. Copy the com.netease.lztglite folder to the Android / obb internal memory path.

– Run the game.

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Cyber ​​Hunter Lite Data

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  •  Android Requirements: 4.0 and up
  •  Prices on Google Play: Free
  •  Game Age Rating: + 3 years 

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