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GTA: Liberty City Stories v2.2 + Mod – A fantastic match GTA Liberty City android mobile data

The regular version + Version mode (infinite money) separately
$ 6.99 4.4 points from 5.0 in large supermarkets Google
Tested on LG G3 Android 5

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories to Farsi (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City adventures) the latest series of the famous game GTA or from Rockstar Games for Android is that a few minutes ago that we saw it on Google Play at a price of $ 6.99 ( of course, with a discount of 40 percent on the occasion of the launch of the game) was released and again as always decided for the first time in Iran to coincide with the release of GTA they introduce you game lovers and its full version for free in the put you to once again enjoy the blessings of Apkfine and to see the new series GTA game a joy Come on! GTA game series with the size of your RAM +1 no doubt you will be thrilled with the story of his extraordinary experience brings one of the best games for you! The story is the kind of language we Producer states: “The man who had previously trusted family Leon, Tony Sypryny Liberty City is back to his house. He lived in secret to cause the murder of one person. Now the streets of Liberty City (Liberty City) is disturbed by various gangs at war with each other for control of the city, and this causes the destruction of the city under waves of political corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and had been strikes. Mad Men, influential businessmen, corrupt, cynical politicians and even parents can be involved in the control of the city, the mother of Tony Leon is trying to help the family, but things do not go well with her son. Your overall goal in this game is to take control of the city for the Leon family, but there are many obstacles in the way! Most notably the presence of other powerful groups like the Yakuza, Diablo and Taryvky that they are also targeting you! “

A GTA games do not need to praise and all of you are familiar with the construction of their fantastic! If you are interested in games GTA they ‘re not under any circumstances miss the game! To return to the East Coast in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Get ready, this adventure open-world (World Open) come to your Android phone! If you’re a GTA game lovers, we recommend that you download the beautiful game! It is better to say that we no introduction! Manufacturers have worked really excellent on every detail of the game, Rock star North as well as the construction of a new GTA Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City has been working on the series before (GTA IV) was not really a masterpiece ago but the new episodes manufacturers I have tried to forget the dark world series and a different flavor in the game surely bring Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories has been changed so that if you still feel 100 hours of GTA IV game in GTA you are new and who wants to show their strength again, again, this game really worth downloading it and we’ll definitely recommend you download this game?

Changes in version v2.2:

* Various optimizations and fixes problems with the game.

Installation instructions and play GTA: Liberty City Stories:

– The installation file will download and install the game.

– Download the data files and decompress it. Com.rockstargames folder . gtalcs in the path of Android / obb copy.

– Run the game.

To run without problem must be English language game device.

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