Parkour Flight 2.1 Apk “Jumping Parkour” Android

Parkour Flight – Sports Games Flying Parkour Open Android

Parkour Flight is a new and exciting sports game developed by the Alexander Bukharev studio for the Android operating system. Sports games allow you to take part in your favorite matches without any hassle. This unparalleled game has earned Google a total score of 5.0 out of 5.0, with a price of $ 0.89, which seems to fit. You will find fewer games to reach the full score, so you’ll have to try these games for once.

In this game, as its name implies, you will play the role of a person who is equipped with an attractive and popular sports parkour. He fully understands all the techniques and ways of this sport and can use them to overcome barriers or unimpressive views.

Realistic physics of the game allows you to see the best scenes from parkour movements. In different places, you will have the opportunity to use your unique barriers to perform your moves and enjoy the fun. Do you want to cross the stairs or want to cross the fence? Well, do not be so bored of them and do it with an attractive technique.

Game Features Parkour Flight:

  • Realistic physics
  • Attractive and entertaining stages
  • Amazing levels
  • Varied places
  • Hard and attractive obstacles
  • Unique sound
  • Attractive graphics

V2.1 version changes:

* Various optimizations and game fixes

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Parkour Flight 2.1 Apk

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  •  Android Requirements: 4.1 and above
  •  Price on Google Play: $ 1.49
  •  Age of Play: +3 years 

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