Survival Island: Primal Land 1.8 Mod Apk Download

Survival Island: Primal Land v1.8 – Survival Island Adventure game: Android mainstream 
version of the regular version + mod mode (infinite money) individually 
tested with no problem

An island is forgotten that no one is near it, only you and the wild nature! Can you survive under such conditions ?! The passage of time will mark everything! Survival Island: Primal Land is an unusual and popular adventure game called Ubisoft Unisoft Games for the Android device, which once again aims to challenge survivors and adventure enthusiasts. In the game Survival IslandEverything depends on you and you need to try to survive in a wild nature with a variety of predatory animals and advance the story by strengthening your skills. The game maker has introduced the story so: you are missing! Somewhere at the end of the world. There is no one and nothing to help with you, what will you do in such a situation? You look around for the first time and notice a tent, so you have a shelter to stay alive in the long nights of warm sailors. If you do not run away, survival will not be easy, so do not miss the time because you have to survive in any way! This game acts as a real simulator of survival. One of the positive things about this awesome graphics game is that in addition to attracting the audience, you are forced to continue to play and transmit the true sense of the same as trying to survive to the gamers. The island and the tropical forest have a set of things that help you survive and save yourself from the great dilemmas. Just use some of your creativity and creativity. There are various mysteries in the forest, which discovered them as addictive as possible to the adventure game. If you want to experience all the feelings of survival in hard conditions, it’s better not to miss this wonderful game and get along with it.

Play Survival Island: Primal Land With graphics and sound fantastic and accurate simulation to survive in harsh conditions Tvants·h among thousands of downloads from around the world rated 3.7 out of 5.0 by users of Google Play and gamers An adventure game that, as always, can get the most up-to-date version of the game completely free of charge from the high-speed servers of the Forex website .

Changelog v1.8:

* Fixes display screens on some devices

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Survival Island: Primal Land 1.8 Apk

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Survival Island: Primal Land 1.8 Mod Apk

Download Now
  •  Android Requirements: 4.1 and above
  •  Price on Google Play: Free
  •  Age of play: +7 years 

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