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Vector Full full version best parkour game in the genre of action games and familiar name NEKKI of the proposed studio is on the market for Android OS Android for free and we published the latest edition of this unrivaled game with a direct link put your disposal! The first place you amazes vector, the first video game, vector Unlike other mobile games and just like first-class games console, with an attractive initial video starts, where the character played in paragraph Authority great and terrible is that by putting the headset on your ear that controls the employee number! Milestone video and story of the game where your character is different from other similar cases, take the headset off his head and ran out! Here is where you will start the game Endless Escape Escape the Parkour moves foundation is built! When you first start playing the game character can not do too much movement and once you go through the various stages, he added, and thus can obstacles to experience a variety movements on the passage of. The new moves before entering the stage to announce and are available only at the specified time to do it!


Vector gameplay is simple yet attractive. Automatically running game character and the only thing to do is touch the screen to avoid obstacles or jumping. If the deal somewhere or with Dyrml the speed of your fall will be arrested by agents of the following you should start from the first stage. Another strong point of the game is that if you want to step back from the first start or pause, you will not see any page reload and will immediately enter the fray. This game truly is designed with unique animations and finally brings excitement to your smartphone, in this game you can run parkour movements pass obstacles and enjoy the game! The features of this game can be the actual gameplay, challenging levels and excellent graphics noted +30.To see screenshots of the game Vector and download it for free from Apkfine to continue to see more.

Notable Members Say: Version ahead of the game vector and paid full version and the free version available on the market that is incomplete is different!

Changes in version 1.2.0:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes game.


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