This time your smartphone will be fast in just 5 minutes

1. Clear the cached data of the phone The first thing you need to do is clear the cached data of all the apps on the phone. Your apps are constantly caching small data. This usually results in your phone loading apps faster, but if your storage is low, this cached data will reduce the speed of your […]


Action Camera: What? Why? Which will you buy?

Nothing to say about the camera. We all know about the current DSLR craze. Apart from this, we are familiar with many types of cameras including SLR, digital camera, IP camera, CCTV camera, video camera. But today we will not talk about these cameras we know. Today I will talk about ‘Action Camera’. Action cameras are becoming popular in […]

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if Google shut down for 30 minutes someday?

We all rely more or less on Google. Because when we open the computer browser, first we start searching with Google. Have you ever wondered what would happen to our real life if Google was shut down for 30 minutes? I can’t resist the urge to share a little information before I talk about it. And that’s it, Once in […]

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Everything detailed about 5G! How great is 5G technology?

We all love to get great speed internet, and this requires telecom companies to work on technology to further increase internet speed. Internet has become a necessity in everything from smartphones to cars, smart watches, homes, etc. and of course these are consuming more bandwidth. So 5G has come up with some awesome technologies to enrich wireless internet and make […]


Guardian Mobile – Advanced Mobile Antitheft Software

What do we do when we lose our mobile? I inactivate the SIM. And those who are a little advanced users call the operator and give the IMIE number and make the cell phone useless. But the possibility of getting Sadh’s mobile phone is almost over. But without all this, what if the faint hope of getting the mobile […]


Top 5 Technical Web Browsers for Android

We currently have a lot of web browsers for Android devices, many of which have low RAM and power consumption. However, we do not care about these features, only performance and usability of browser apps will be highlighted in this tune. Every app discussed in this tune has been tested and verified. 01. XBrowser The number one browser […]